Evimirus attack

Eviphididae from Mars

Eviphididae from Mars

Perhaps only an acarologist would find this image strange, but the curlicues coming out of the peritrematal shields of this Australian species of Evimirus (Mesostigmata, Eviphididae) shouldn’t be there. Well, not unless they drown in alcohol. The large pore on the peritrematal shield apparently has a defensive function and squirts out something that hardens in ethanol. Didn’t do this mite much good, but allowed me a rare flight of fancy.


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4 Responses to “Evimirus attack”

  1. Mike Says:

    In this image they look like some weird cnidarians, floating through the ocean.

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    Run! Run for your lives!!!!

  3. bill c Says:

    i know very little about mites but this is slightly reminescent of the eversion of the gonads of honeybee drones when they are chloroformed.

    • macromite Says:

      This is probably a defensive secretion that solidifies in alcohol, but now you have me wondering if cholorform is an easy way to pop Bombus genitalia.

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