3rd Electron Raster Challenge – Hint

Here's a hint - diagnostic character is visible

Hmm, I’m surprised no one has guessed this one. I wonder if everyone is busy shoveling snow? I would be myself, except a neighbour did my driveway for me, so we can do our food shopping this morning with no hassle. Since my neighbour was so kind, I’ll pass it along as a hint: a diagnostic character for the class this animal belongs to is visible in the new image (and the orientation is more realistic).



2 Responses to “3rd Electron Raster Challenge – Hint”

  1. Adrian Thysse Says:

    Well, there is some mention of chiggers and/or red bugs in Spanish Moss…?


  2. Dave Says:

    Yes, I would say that story might have some use in this Challenge, although perhaps not the obvious one.

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