Acroseius, Polyaspinus, Trachytes: Cerotegument Galore

Acroseius - undescribed species from Queensland - venter

I recently had a request for an image of Polyaspinus tuberculatus Womersley, 1961 and I realised that my Polyaspididae, I mean Trachytidae (current usage), were not in very good nick. Actually, the mite in question is now Acroseius tuberculatus (Womersley, 1961) too.

Polyaspinus sp. (probably undescribed) from Queensland - venter

The short answer is that I do have images of what appears to be an undescribed species of Acroseius and also a probably undescribed species of Polyaspinus from Queensland. I also have an undescribed Polyaspinus from Alberta (no image yet) and a species of Trachytes  that is probably described from Oregon.

Trachytes sp. from Oregon - dorsum

All of these mites are interesting for several reasons, but I will have to wait to post on that – I’m being dragged off on family duties.


2 Responses to “Acroseius, Polyaspinus, Trachytes: Cerotegument Galore”

  1. Adrian Thysse Says:

    Family duties-they’ll be the death of us…

    Fascinating images. The first two seem to need exfoliation. I guess that’s where the ‘cerotegument’ comes in…looking forward to the next post.

  2. MicrOlivier Says:

    Excellent pictures ! Is there a way to get rid of this cerotegument to take better photos in light microscopy ?
    Thanks for your excellent blog !
    My post on Polyaspinus !


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