Photo Magnet: Antennolaelaps Appreciation

Ventral view of gnathosoma of Antennolaelaps sp.

What do Antennolaelaps, Emmylou Harris, Catherine Deneuve, FDR, The BVM, and assorted ladies with musical instruments, ladies in informal attire (or not attired), and a couple of strange dudes have in common?

Results of a Google Image Search

It must be the colour scheme, but at least no algorithm has confused this attractive member of the Mesostigmata with Darth Vadar. That would only be appropriate for members of the genus Darthvaderum Hunt, 1996, a member of the Oribatida.

Hat tip to Myrmecos.

One Response to “Photo Magnet: Antennolaelaps Appreciation”

  1. Adrian D. Thysse Says:

    Great image! (Wonder if I dare do a similar search with my images of mating tiger beetles…!)

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