Electron-raster Challenge III: Name this mite

Name the family and, for extra fame and fortune, the suppressed seta.

Anyone can play, but this Challenge is posted especially for the students in Acarology Summer Program Soil Acarology course. At least one semi-bingo character is readily visible. The mite is from Alberta, and most prominent in northern forests, but not above an alpine vacation in Mexico. Why swelter in the 100 F Columbus heat, when you can ponder this boreal beasty in over-airconditioned discomfort at your own computer screen.


9 Responses to “Electron-raster Challenge III: Name this mite”

  1. Charity Says:


  2. Charity Says:


    • macromite Says:

      When only two setae are on the peritrematal shield they are usually interpreted as r1 and r3. You need to look more closely.

  3. Sheri Hessler Says:

    Zirconidae, missing r3

  4. Sheri Hessler Says:

    My new guess… it’s still Zerconidae… but my guess on the missing setae is Z1

  5. macromite Says:

    So far, Monica is the only one to tell me the complete answer, although most people have the family right and Charity and Sherri are getting pretty close to setation. So, post your answers here or with me quickly, so we can move on.

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